Elvis Impersonator!

I have seen it all now. The K Cancer Baseball awareness travel team played in a one day tournament in a small town in rural Wisconsin on Saturday. The last game started at around 8:00 pm. Before the first pitch was thrown we realized that we were in for a treat as the local VFW was having its end of summer get together at the outdoor pavilion right next to the baseball diamond. There was live entertainment that fired up the sound system about a half an hour before the first pitch of our game was thrown.

We spent 2 agonizing hours playing baseball while being serenaded by a live Elvis Impersonator! You read that right, an Elvis Impersonator!  Nothing says Americana like a small town, a baseball diamond next to a corn field, and a live Elvis Impersonator! 

Get out ball

Any time that you spend a day with a great group of kids like the K Cancer Baseball awareness travel team, its time well spent. To be honest, I think that I will have more fun next Monday when we walk in the Rockford, IL Labor Day Parade to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. The parade starts at 10:00 am. We will be throwing candy to the kids and handing out fliers to the adults letting everyone know about the upcoming Leukemia & Lymphoma Society “Light The Night” walk. If you are able to, stop out and say hello! But be warned, if you start singing “Ain’t Nothing But A Hound dog”, one of our pitchers may start pelting you with Tootsie Rolls! (See what I did there?, Elvis Impersonator? Never mind…)

100State, you are the best!

An enormous thank you to the 100State leadership and the 100State entrepreneurs who donated their time to K Cancer baseball yesterday! The Youth Advisory Board made the trip up to Madison, WI for an “Ideation Session” with the 100State team. It was an awesome experience for the young entrepreneurs.

The Advisory Board left with their learning curve considerably shortened, a sharper focus on the vision for K Cancer Baseball, excellent recommendations for furthering awareness of their mission, and affirmation that what they are wanting to accomplishing is a worthy pursuit. Looking forward to the continued relationship with the 100State mentors! 

Best best group pic at capital Best group pic on sidewalk

Youth Advisory Board road trip to 100State in Madison!

On Tuesday evening, August 12th, the K Cancer Baseball “Youth Advisory Board” will be taking a trip to Madison, WI to pick the collective brain of the 100State team. 100State is donating their time and expertise to help broaden and focus the vision of the K Cancer Baseball board. This is a great opportunity for an innovative organization like 100State to plant the Entrepreneurial Seed in the young men who will be attending (the Youth Advisory Board and founders of the K Cancer Baseball NFP are 13-15 years old).
We are looking forward to an eye opening experience!

Labor Day Parade!

We just faxed in our registration form to the Labor Day Parade committee in Rockford, IL. We will be marching in the parade raising awareness to the battles faced by those afflicted with Childhood Cancer. Here is our chance to let people know what the issues are, who is working to overcome those obstacles, and what they can do to help!

Talk about a worthy cause!  Check out the banner that the players will be carrying as they toss candy to the folks along the parade route.

Banner JPED