It is so easy to be a Life-Saver!

I came across this great organization. You have to check out how easy it is to be a literal “Life-Saver”. Take a peek at
The K Cancer Baseball Team will be hosting a Be The Match Registry Drive in early 2015. You will want to be a part of it!

Badger Childhood Cancer Network

I had a nice conversation with a representative from an incredible organization today. If you are receiving treatment for Childhood Cancer in the Madison, WI medical network, you owe it to yourself to check out the Badger Childhood Cancer Network. It is a great organization with some awesome resources to help those in need. More importantly, it is a great group of people!
See for yourself at

View from the front porch!

Two days ago it rained pretty much all day. The entire sky was nothing but storm clouds full of rain and the occasional lightening bolt. No matter how far you looked it seemed that the storm went on forever. This morning I stepped out on my front porch and saw this.View from the front porch

Sometimes the best thing we can do for people who are going through difficulties is remind them that the storm doesn’t last forever…

Suckers for Childhood Cancer Awareness!

So I (Adrian) spent my Saturday at Shopko handing out suckers and talking to folks about Childhood Cancer issues.
It was amazing how many people I talked to have kids in their family affected by cancer.
Lots of people donated money to go towards fighting cancer. It was a day well spent!