“What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.” – Author Unk

I don’t think I truly appreciated that quote until this past Saturday when The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society held its annual Light The Night Walk at Martin Park in Loves Park, IL. The players from the K Cancer Baseball travel team were tasked with working the Kids Area. They set up separate game stations where the kids who were at the walk could stop by and play games and win candy. There were kids participating in the games who ranged in age from toddlers to teenagers.

As I was walking around watching the players working their stations, something struck me. They were not just doing their jobs, they were making sure that the kids who stopped at their station had fun. It would have been a nice gesture for them to just show up and give their time to help the LLS. They could have told their associates what a good deed they did with their weekend. The thing is, that wasn’t why they were there. They were there to make sure that the kids who came to the Kids Area left with a smile on their face! The “Why” meant as much if not more than the “What”.

As I drove home that night I spent time thinking about the different things that I do on a daily basis. How many of them do I just do out of routine and I have lost the “Why” of it? Watching the awesome job the K Cancer Baseball team did last Saturday reminded me that, “What I do matters, but why I do it matters so much more”.

Brok and boy in Sandbox closeup

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