Tyler came to practice!

Tyler in batters box pitchers viewSo K Cancer Baseball had a pretty solid day on Saturday! We had a surprise guest show up for our travel team’s baseball practice. Our buddy Tyler Levine stopped by to hang out with the guys while they went through their fielding and pitching sessions. We ran him through the paces and he was able to see what it was like to stare down one of our pitchers!

Most boys his age would have been a little intimidated by all of the older guys running around, baseballls flying everywhere, and the noise that comes with it. Not Tyler! He was right out there in the tunnels asking a lot of questions and then offering a little advice every once in awhile 🙂 He also let us know, in no uncertain terms, that he is a White Sox fan!

Our travel baseball players spend hours indoors every week working on their craft. They start working in January, two days a week, and go all the way till the weather turns and they can get outside and really get to work. There are no shortcuts. If you want to be the best that you can be you have to work at it. Sometimes it gets monotonous and there is a temptation to take some time off and give it a rest. When that happens you have to remind yourself why you decided to start putting in the work. Tyler did a great job this Saturday of reminding us why we are putting so much work into K Cancer Baseball!

Group Pitcher with Tyler

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