Samantha is not what you think!

Samantha Headhsot Samantha and Gabrielle

So, as a baseball coach, there are times when you go into a game thinking one thing, and then something else happens. An example would be that you have your number 1 pitcher going for you in the next game and you are playing a team who has their number 4 starter pitching. You think you are going to pitch well and score a bunch of runs. You get into the game and the other pitcher is “on” that day and you are shut out. What you thought you were going to do to the other team happened to you!

Well, we had that experience on Wednesday night! K Cancer Baseball had the great fortune of going out to deliver a Care Package and meet the family of a special young lady named Samantha. Samantha is an 11 year old girl in the Harlem School District. She has been battling Bone and Muscle Cancer for a little while now. We heard about the trials she has gone through and the tough decisions she is going to have to make in the near future about how to attack her disease instead of letting it continue to attack her. We assumed that we would have to bring some smiles with us to give to her!

So we armed ourselves with the awesome gifts that are in the Care Packages that we are able to put together because of the many state line businesses and citizens who donate to K Cancer Baseball. We headed out and were ready to try to give some hope and cheer to a family fighting an HUGE enemy. Boy were we in for a surprise!

We were met at the door with a hug and smiles all around! Samantha is an amazing girl. In spite of the reasons she could give for being down, she picks you up just by being around her! She had a smile on her face that seemed like it is always there. It doesn’t take you long to find out where she gets it. Her Mother is the typical Southern lady, fussing over her visitors to make sure you feel at home and that you eat something!

We left a Care Package to help with treatment travel expenses and to show Samantha and her family that they are not alone and that the state line community cares about them. What we didn’t leave was smiles, they were already there and we took them with us!

Samantha is going to have some big challenges ahead of her. We are looking forward to being the hands and feet of the state line community as we do our small part to help her through them!

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