Got Mud? Make Mud Pies!

This past weekend the 14U K Cancer Baseball awareness travel team played in the “Throwback Tournament” in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The weather was not ideal to say the least. Saturdays schedule was cut short by storms. We showed up Sunday morning to find the field in awful shape!

The entire area around first base was completely underwater. The grounds crews hadn’t arrived yet when we showed up. We were there to play baseball. The diamonds were unplayable. Life had given us a pile of mud…

You know the best thing to do in a situation like this? When life gives you mud, make mud pies! That is just what we did!

A group of parents found a shovel and got creative. They found old water jugs and bottles and used them to drain the pond from first base into our baseball bucket and took that out into the grass to dump. Meanwhile other parents and players were raking the diamond so that the sun and wind would dry up the field. Before you know it, we had a playable diamond and a bunch of muddy ball players and parents! It was actually a lot of fun!

We could have went back to our cars and waited until we were notified that someone else had done the work and the diamonds were playable. We could have went home and complained about the field conditions. How boring is that? When life gives you mud, make mud pies!