Alpine Kiwanas Brat Day!

Group in Bread Truck

This past Saturday, a group from K Cancer Baseball headed to the Schnucks parking lot on East State Street in Rockford, Illinois to take part in the annual Kiwanas Brat Days. This is the fundraiser that provides the budget for the Alpine Kiwanas to do all of the amazing things that they do in the community. We were happy to be a part of it!

I was proud of the way the guys (and gal) handled themselves. They intentionally volunteered for the 4 hour shift that included breaking down the tents and equipment and unloading it in the storage shed. I had a conversation with one of the young men early in our 4 hour shift and we spoke about having a personal philosophy of never letting anyone out work you and the importance of finishing strong in whatever you start. When you see how hard all of the people involved in the Kiwanas Brat Day work, it is a challenge not to let anyone outwork you!

I watched for the rest of the day. Anytime there was something hard to do, he was in the middle of it. When we ended the day at the storage shed, he was up in the truck helping with the heavy lifting. K Cancer Baseball is blessed to spend time with many who face uphill battles and have to outwork most folks in order to keep any semblance of “normalcy” going. We are constantly inspired by them and hope to share that ethic with everyone we meet!