A Tumor took his sight but not his smile!

Me, Norrail, and his little brother at Ronald McDonald House

I’d like to introduce you to Norrail. Norrail is an AWESOME young man that will make you smile just by being in the same room with him! Norrail recently had surgery to remove a tumor that was impinging upon his ocular nerve. He lost his sight as a result of the surgery. Norrail has not let that stop him, he finds a reason to smile anyway!

I had the pleasure of giving him and his family a ride to the Ronald McDonald House in Madison this past week. Norrail would be having a full day of appointments at the Children’s Hospital the next day. As we were driving there, we stopped at a gas station. I took Norrail in. As we were walking in, Norrail didn’t want to just be guided along. He asked me to tell him where the wall was at. He said that his doctors told him he should learn to feel his way along so he could walk by himself. When finished telling me that and I guided him to a wall, he reached out and when his hand touched the wall he let out with a smile that swallowed his whole face! 🙂

If there was a bubble above his head with his thoughts visible in it, it would have said, “I might have had one world pulled away from me, but I’ve been given a new one to explore!” His tumor took his sight, but not his smile! The family would appreciate it if you would keep Norrail in prayer as he goes through further testing.Me and Norrail at Ronald McDonald House