“It ain’t over, till it’s over!” – Yogi Berra

Gabi at Luries
Sometimes we forget that the battle is not always over when we hear the glorious, “All clear, he/she is in remission!” pronouncement from the Pediatric Oncologist. Kids who face down, and beat, cancer often have challenges come their way (as a result of their treatment or due to the lingering effects of the cancer) that they must keep fighting. 
Every cold or illness is taken seriously. Regular checkups are not optional, they are critical. Keeping a positive healthy attitude is not a luxury, it is mandatory. The continued encouragement and prayers from supportive friends and community members are not nice, they are cherished.
That’s why warriors like Gabi are such heroes. 
Instead of being in school at recess today, Gabi is at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago dealing with on-going complications from her fight with germ cell cancer. Instead of reacting like I would (insert a picture of a big baby sucking its thumb) she is being her regular goofy self! 
It ain’t over till its over, so I might as well enjoy myself as much as I can along the way!

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