This past Saturday afternoon the K Cancer Baseball crew met up at Martin Park in Loves Park, Illinois to once again support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as they held their annual Light The Night Walk. The Light The Night Walk is the biggest fundraiser for their organization. The resources they receive during this event provides unbelievable ammunition in the fight to find a cure for blood cancers.

Each year we (K Cancer Baseball) run the kids zone. Youth Advisory Board Members Lucas Domberg and Nolan Zajac project managed the event for us and it went off without a hitch. They had several game stations going throughout the afternoon so that children who were at the event were entertained and enjoyed themselves.

K Cancer Baseball is happy to join hands with like minded organizations who provide resources in our community for those who are in some way battling childhood cancer. At the Light The Night Walk you receive either a white, red, or yellow lantern to carry as you walk the designated path. This year picking out a lantern was more impactful for us as an organization than last year was.

The white lantern is to remember survivors. We have been blessed to have worked with families whose children have completed their treatments and have “Rang The Bell” as they moved from patient to survivor. That is a fun thing to be a part of. Talk about a reason to celebrate! A few of our guys grabbed white lanterns.

The red lantern is to show that you are supporting someone battling cancer now. We consider it a privilege to be arm in arm with several families in our community who are on their cancer journey. Nobody should have to travel that road alone. Several of our guys grabbed white lanterns.

I personally grabbed a yellow lantern. I wish there were no yellow lanterns. I hope I can one day take the last yellow lantern given out. Yellow lanterns are to remember someone who has passed from cancer. I am thinking of a little girl who was taken way too soon earlier this year. It still breaks my heart to think about how the family must feel. Sometimes remembering can be painful. Sometimes you need to feel that again so that you remember why you fight against cancer, why you give of yourself. It might make you push a little harder. It might make you give a little more. It might make you sacrifice to a greater degree.

It’s important to remember…

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