Dr. Gorski presents K Cancer Baseball with the Commitment to Caring award!

Dr. Gorski, CEO of Swedish American Health Systems, presented the “Commitment to Caring” award to the 5 Youth Advisory Executive Board Members of K Cancer Baseball this past Friday at their Puttin’ on The Glitz banquet. It was an incredible honor to be selected for this award when you consider the many other organizations in our community who are doing such great work meeting the needs of those in their community who need it the most.

The five young men who walked up to the podium to receive the award were representatives of a growing group of people in the greater Rockford area who have a passion for serving those who are facing challenges related to childhood cancer. I’m thinking of a group of people connected to K Cancer Baseball who heard about a Mother trying to juggle being there for her child in a pediatric cancer hospital with her other children who are in school. They are making meals and delivering them to a family to try to take one care off of her shoulders.

I’m thinking of another group of people who found about about a young boy who had a brain tumor removed and found out that his fight isn’t over. They immediately reached out to us to find out how they can help.

I’m thinking of several student groups within several different schools in our area who found out about what we are doing to bring toys to children in the hospital this Christmas Season and they have taken the project on as their own. I’m thinking of the employee at Kohl’s who is rallying her co-workers to collect toys for the effort as well.

I’m thinking of Dr. Gorski himself, who has personally taken time out of his incredibly busy schedule over the past year to spend time mentoring members of the Youth Advisory Board Executive Council and shortening their learning curve in regards to administering a non-profit.

When the five young men walked up to the stage on Friday to receive the award, they did so on behalf of each and every person who has donated their time, their money, their efforts, their prayers, and their tears to support the families in our community who are battling childhood cancer. If you have ever wondered if your efforts and commitment are noticed or appreciated, this past Friday afternoon the Swedish Health System answered that question. The Community Cares.Award