Weight of the world lifted!

two pics of van work

This might look like a van being lifted off the ground in a car dealerships service department to you, but if you know the story you realize that it is the weight of the world being lifted off a parents shoulders!

Childhood Cancer hits you in so many ways, each one piles on top of the other until you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you can’t shake it off. That is when you need your community.

We are so proud of all the state-line community does to support K Cancer Baseball and our mission. Because of the financial support we have received, we were able to get involved when a social worker from Lurie Children’s Hospital reached out to us about one of our local families that was in a bind. Their little child is suffering from ALL (Leukemia) and is receiving Chemotherapy treatment at Luries. The family vehicle was getting to the point where it wasn’t safe to keep making the drive from our area to Chicago to be with their son. We have the Wolf Dealership in Belvidere is putting in new brakes and a water pump for us!

There is a strength that comes from everyone pitching in and doing their part. When the community decides to get involved and help, its strong enough to lift the weight of the world!