acceptance letter“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Francis Assisi

The K Cancer Baseball Youth Advisory Executive Board Members do what they do because they care about local families who are battling childhood cancer. They give of themselves because it is the right thing to do and they know that if roles were reversed, they would want others to step along side them and their families.

Francis Assisi is quoted as saying that it is in giving that we receive. That is so true. When you look around you it is rare that you will find someone who is selfless that does not receive.

Recently, one of the Youth Advisory Executive Board Members applied to Bradley Universities Engineering Program. When they received their acceptance letter, there was an interesting line in the second paragraph. It read, “Because of your academic, Extra-curricular and community service accomplishments, the scholarship committee selected you to receive recognition from the Bradley University Scholarship Fund.” The college not only accepted him into their institution, but they were providing him with a sizable scholarship to attend.

To paraphrase Francis Assisi, “you are receiving because you are giving.” Wouldn’t it be great to end your life one day and feel that you gave until you couldn’t give any more, to feel that you lived your life to the absolute fullest and you affected as many people for the good as it was possible for you to do? I guarantee you that anyone who does, will be blessed beyond measure along the way.

Check out the smile on Norrail’s face :)

Norrail at Sunday SchoolIf you are one of the lucky people that has the chance to interact with young Norrail, you will learn a few things. The first thing you will learn is that he is blind (the result of surgery to remove a brain tumor). The next thing you will learn is that he is one of the happiest people you will ever meet!

He doesn’t think that those two facts are in opposition to each other. He looks for reasons to smile no matter what life throws at him and lights up the room every time he walks into it. Take a look at the picture taken of him this past week with his Sister and his Brother at Sunday-School and you will see what I mean!

Please keep him in prayer as he has a few important doctor’s appointments coming up at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison. They are checking to see if any of the residue tumor is returning. We are believing with him that it is not and that he will check out all clear. I have a feeling that no matter what news he receives, Norrail will keep on smiling!

12U Softball Team joins the K Cancer Baseball Family!

We are super excited to announce that the K Cancer Baseball family is growing! Coach Chad Norgard has agreed to come aboard and coach the girls 12U K Cancer Softball Team that will compete in a local league as well as representing local childhood cancer patients in area tournaments.

The girls of the K Cancer Softball Team will take part in our awareness events (parades, Airfest, annual toy drive, etc…) and join us on patient visits where we deliver our Care Packages to local pediatric cancer patients and their families.

At K Cancer Baseball we have two goals:

  1. Help local families who are battling childhood cancer
  2. Raise up the next generation of socially conscious state-line leaders

We look forward to working with the girls over the next several years and to the contributions that they will make to the organization and to our community. Welcome aboard!