Childhood Cancer survivors fight for others!

People process their battles and struggles in different ways. I try to be careful not to judge how someone is handling themselves during their valleys. Sometimes it takes miraculous courage and strength just to get through the next day, the last thing a person in this circumstance needs is me telling them how they should be acting or what they should be doing with their lives when I have no idea…

I am always amazed when I run into someone that has made it through the hardest part of their struggle and then they dive right back in to help someone else who is fighting the same monster they just left in their rear view mirror. We have gotten to know two such people here at K Cancer Baseball.

Gabi and Sammy are two young ladies that have both fought battles with Childhood Cancer. They, along with their families, have gone through incredibly challenging times. What do they do now? You guessed it, they look for opportunities to help others who are facing what they have faced.

Gabi is always up for an event that raises awareness to the particular challenges that face childhood cancer patients in the Greater Rockford Area. You will find her marching in parades, manning a booth at events, and this week she was hard at work putting together centerpieces and silent auction baskets for the Gold Ribbon Gala coming up this Thursday.

Sammy has been the face of national childhood cancer organizations that raise funds for research in an effort to find a cure so that kids in the future will not have to go through what she has. She has joined K Cancer Baseball on several occasions helping us raise money and support for local kids who find themselves in the place she was in. Make sure you keep an eye out during the WREX 6:00pm news on Thursday this week. A birdy has it that you might see a clip of Sammy being interviewed at the Gold Ribbon Gala!




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