What we learned!

We learned that the Greater Rockford Community is awesome! We were blown away by the outpouring of support that was shown to our local families who are battling childhood cancer. 300 people were in attendance and over $29,000.00 was contributed to the cause!

We learned that when a couple of determined ladies set their minds to it, they can accomplish just about anything! As you know, an incredible amount of work goes into putting together an event like the Gold Ribbon Gala. We couldn’t be more appreciative to the ladies on the Gala Committee who gave up their homes for the last month as they made centerpieces, guest gifts, and silent auction packages and displays!

We learned that local businesses are in business for more than just money, they care about their communities and are willing to get involved. We couldn’t have accomplished what we have in support of our childhood cancer families if it wasn’t for the contributions of local businesses getting on board and sponsoring our events. Thank you!

We learned that kids who are battling cancer want to have fun! It was awesome seeing the smiles on the faces of Tyler, Gabi, Matthew, and Sammy throughout the night. Not only were they guests of honor, they were also some of the hardest workers! Gabi helped with the event prep and Sammy worked the T-shirt tent for a good portion of the night.

We learned that Chicago Cubs “Hall Of Famer” Fergie Jenkins still has it! He was a gracious speaker and went out of his way for the kids. He even put us in touch with someone from the Cubs organization so that we can join forces with them this summer when they recognize childhood cancer patients at Wrigley Field!

We learned that we are meant to do this! You should ask yourself from time to time, “am I in the right place?” When we saw how our organization was able to provide a funnel for the Greater Rockford Community to channel its love and support through to local families who need it the most, we left even more determined to keep up the fight. Any time you attempt to address Cancer in any form, especially Childhood Cancer, you are in for a fight. The greater Rockford Area and K Cancer Baseball is ready for that fight!


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