K Cancer Softball is officially a part of the team!

This past week was an exciting week for the K Cancer Baseball team. A couple things happened that we have been looking forward to for a little while now…

Recently we have have received 2 referrals for local families that came from two different sources; one was from a family we have stepped along side of in the past, the other was from a social worker at an out of town childhood cancer hospital. This tells us two things. First, that the families we are working with see a value in what we do and they are telling folks who are going through what they went through to seek us out. Second, the social workers at the hospitals who treat our families are starting to see us as a part of their treatment team. Both of these are big goals that we had that we can consider achieved!

Another thing that has been awesome has been seeing the new K Cancer Softball Team step in and get right to work! Both referrals in the past few weeks have been for young girls who are fighting cancer. Both times girls from the K Cancer Softball Team joined us on the home visits and helped make it a fun experience for the patient. When you are around these girls you can’t help but end up smiling no matter what your situation!

We are looking forward to bigger and greater things in the coming year for the K Cancer Baseball (and softball) Team! Last year we helped 9 families and raised/distributed over $35,000.00. This year we want to reach triple that number of people and budget. We are a third of the way there as far as the budget goes and already have had 4 new families that we have engaged with in 2016!

Say a prayer for our newest Teammate Paulina. She is battling Medulloblastoma but won’t let that keep her down! Check out the smile 🙂 Paulina

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