Big week coming up for K Cancer Baseball!

bat and rake

We have a fun week coming up at K Cancer Baseball! Our travel baseball team will represent us in their first tournament of the year (check out our Facebook events page) and then on Tuesday we are going to drop the baseball bats and pick up our rakes and shovels and head to the home of one of our Teammates that we support to start a “Lawn Makeover”!

They say you can always tell a travel baseball family’s yard in the summer time. It’s the one that never gets mowed during baseball season! There is a little truth to that. It’s hard to find the time to take care of your lawn when you are working a full time job, and raising kids all while being out of town each weekend for tournaments (thank God our tournaments are local!). Where do you find time to do the little things like mow the lawn? Multiply that times ten when you are spending each weekend at an out of town hospital to receive the specialized care that your child needs!

Sometimes we think we need to do something major to help somebody out when they are attending to their child. You can be a big help by taking one of the “Little Things” off of the list for them. Every once in a while it’s a good thing to drop your bat and pick up a rake!

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