CamdenSome lives are born into this world not to satisfy themselves, but to serve as a clarion call to the rest of us.  Such was the life of Camden Green.  Born in November of 2014 to Fantasy Harries and Ryan Green, Camden clearly brought love into the world.  Being diagnosed at birth with Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome made him even more special to his mommy, Fantasy.  As she described him: “His extra chromosome made him more handsome, his smile brighter, his laugh louder, his hugs tighter and his blows of kisses oh so sweet.” Based on his picture, I would have to agree!

Unfortunately, we never got a chance to meet Camden and welcome him into the K Cancer Family as one of our “Teammates”.  He was diagnosed on April 4th with AML.  Three weeks later, he was gone.  It’s clear to his family that Camden’s purpose was to bring them a message of love and gratitude.  He helped them be more selfless and more appreciative for their time on this earth.

Sometimes, all we can do at K-Cancer is to be there–to be an ear to listen, arms to hug, and a voice of experience that says, “You will get through this!” We are grateful that we get to do this little bit to try to help someone like Fantasy.  And we’re grateful to all of you who enable us to do it.  Because of your support, we were able to step along side of her and help her get through this time of grief. When we gave her a gift certificate to a Frame Shop so she could have some keepsakes of Camden custom-framed, it brought Fantasy to tears.

Thank you all for your on-going support for our mission–to help stateline families battling childhood cancer (and it’s aftermath).  Your contributions and on-going prayers for mommies like Fantasy are truly making a difference.

Dan Domberg

Camden's mom fantasy and Dan

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  1. Thank you so much K Camp. You are such an amazing organization. You have given us a gift that will last a lifetime of remembrance and gratitude in the memory of my sweet son Camden.

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