New Teammate!

Meet our new teammate, Abdalridha!  Recently, my family and I had the pleasure of meeting 11 year old ‘Ridha” at his home in Rockford, IL.  Ridha was diagnosed with secondary malignancy leukemia not long after completing treatment for a solid tumor in his ankle last year. After spending 45 days in the hospital for treatment he was allowed to come home for 2 days, and we were fortunate to have met him on his second day home. He was traveling back to Lurie Children’s Hospital the next day to continue his chemotherapy…

From the moment Ridha’s family opened the door we were welcomed with open arms, huge smiles and kindness. My sister, Kayla, and I talked with Ridha and his younger brother, Hassan, while my parents, Ridha’s parents, and his two older brothers had an in depth conversation about the struggles they have faced due to Ridha’s illness.  I learned after the visit that Ridha’s older brothers work to help their Dad support the family as medical bills and travel expenses, to and from Chicago, mount up.

The family moved to the United States in 2013 and face the additional challenge of adjusting to learning English and adapting to their new life here.  The entire family was so grateful for the care packages and gift cards that K Cancer Baseball was able to provide thanks to all of you who donate to the cause.  Please keep Ridha and his family in your thoughts as they are battling round 2 of cancer. We know Ridha is going to come out a winner!

Sean Hesano