Rockford Cosmopolitan Club hits it out of the park!

Rockford Cosmopolitan Club, you hit it out of the park! We can’t thank you enough for two things:

1. The $1,500.00 donation to hep K Cancer Baseball in its mission to support local families battling Childhood Cancer

2. The example  you set for the young men and women of K Cancer Baseball and K Cancer Softball

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club, it is a service club comprised of local businessmen who are not satisfied with simply making a living and reaping the rewards of their success. They get together and raise money that they distribute each year to non-profits who are meeting serious needs in the community. Without the financial assistance that service clubs like The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club provide, the challenge that non-profits face in funding their services would be even greater.

Thank you again Rockford Cosmopolitan Club. The community appreciates what you do to make the state-line area a better place to live!