Rockford East/Cherry Valley Rotary Club comes up big for area childhood cancer families!

Sean receiving checkThe Rockford East/Cherry Valley Rotary Club came up big this past week when they announced that they were awarding K Cancer Baseball with a  grant for $2,000.00 to help support local families who are battling childhood cancer!

A quote was read during the Rotary Meeting that stuck out to me. ”

The Purpose of Life Is to Discover Your Gift. The Meaning of Life Is to Give Your Gift Away”

As the quote was stated, I couldn’t help but think about how appropriate it was. The Rotary Club raised money during the year to “give away” to area non-profits as a way of contributing to their work. That $2,000.00 that the Rotarians “gave away” to K Cancer Baseball has meaning!

  • It means families travelling back and forth from the Rockford Area to hospitals in Chicago and Madison will have gas cards to help with transportation costs
  • It means that Moms and Dads can go to the hospital cafeteria to eat while they are with their child
  • It means that the lawn of a family that is practically living at a hospital will be mowed when they come home
  • It means that families who feel isolated by their circumstances will know that their community knows what they are going through and cares

One thing we learned while we were at the Rockford East/Cherry Valley Rotary Club meeting was that if you think about the gifts you have, and take a moment to look around you, you will find someone who needs your gift. This kind of giving provides real meaning to our lives and we are all better for it.

Thank you Rockford East/Cherry Valley Rotary!