World Cancer Day

imagesIt’s World Cancer Day today. This was just put in perspective for me. I was just notified that a young fella close to our program was diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer doesn’t care about holidays, it doesn’t care about age, it doesn’t care about your education or your finances. Cancer strikes at will.

The thing is, we can strike back. There is amazing research taking place to one day find a cure for this awful disease. We have met the heads of research personally and heard the passion in their voices as they spoke about their life’s mission to find a cure for Cancer.

Each and every one of us are needed on the team if we are to win against Cancer. If the only thing you can contribute is a prayer, please don’t think it isn’t important. Pray that an answer is given that will unlock the key to research that is being conducted right now. Pray that the advances that have recently come about in the area of Immunotherapy are multiplied!

Cancer will strike, but so can we…