Buddy Carry!

You see it on baseball diamonds every Summer. A player makes an error or a pitcher walks a batter, then the player who thinks the game is all about him rolls his eyes and slumps his shoulders as he makes a disparaging comment.

That’s not the way “teams” work.

To find an example of true teamwork you need look no further than the United States Army Airborne Rangers. Their unit is specifically designed for small unit missions which they constantly train for.

All of their training is governed by the “Ranger Creed” which every Ranger could repeat in their sleep. One line in the creed is extremely important and allows every Ranger to give it their all, knowing that if they fail there will be a teammate there to literally pick them up. The line goes like this, “I will never leave a fallen comrade (teammate).

While Rangers spend time working on tactics and combat skills, they also work on perfecting the “Buddy carry”. If a Ranger can’t keep up, a teammate picks him up and throws him over his shoulder and carries him.

It’s amazing how you can perform when you know that if you make a mistake your teammate will throw you on their back and carry you as opposed to berating and leaving you to your own devices.

This Summer, when you are on your field of play whatever it may be, make sure you practice the “Buddy Carry”.