Family Resources

If you or a loved one are battling Childhood Cancer, we would like to help. There are times during the journey where it seems that the sun has stopped shining and may never break through the clouds again. You look around the house and realize that nobody has smiled for days. That’s where we come in!

žWe offer different “levels” of support, depending on the particular situation and the comfort level of the family:

Care PackageLevel 1 – Care package: The state line area is a tight knit community that knows how to take care of its own. We are grateful to the many businesses and citizens who financially support K Cancer Baseball’s mission to support our families who are battling Childhood Cancer. Their financial support allows us to bring hope in the form of a Care Package.

Care packages have toys for the patient & their siblings, K Cancer Baseball hats & shirts, and something to help the family (gas cards to help with treatment travel, parking vouchers,  etc…). There are so many variables to each situation that the needs, and therefore the Care Packages, vary from family to family.

Norrail with Collin and AaronLevel 2 – Baseball Player Visits: One of the K Cancer Baseball coaches and a player or two would love to stop out and say hello. Kids get a kick out of it when older teenage baseball players show up in their uniforms!

After a short visit, the players leave a care package because, well, they care 🙂  This begins a relationship that can last through the entire cancer journey.


Social Media Example SquareLevel 3 – Social Media Support: In addition to the player visit and Care Package, we can help the community become aware of your situation. If you have a gofundme site set up to help defray some of your mounting medical bills, we will make sure to let people know.

We can utilize our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook networks to help get the word out about your situation so that the community can help with prayers, encouragement and support.

Ongoing support: We know that the issues childhood cancer families face do not end when the round of Chemotherapy stops. Families find out that they have needs along the way that they would have never considered. Our goal is to stay in touch with the family through the entire cancer journey and to provide help and support how and when it is needed.

If you, or someone you know, has a child in the State-line area whose child has been diagnosed with cancer, please share our contact information with them. We would love to become another resource that their treatment team can leverage to help get them through this trying time.
It’s as easy as e-mailing us at or filling out the webform below. Someone from K Cancer Baseball will reach out to you to find out specifics so that we can provide the support that would be appropriate to the particular situation. From there we tailor our efforts to the families needs. Our goal is to make sure that no state line family has to battle their child’s cancer alone!


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