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In 2014, a group of 13 year old travel baseball players, together with their mentors, decided to do something to support local families battling childhood cancer. A local 501(c)(3) non-profit, K Cancer Baseball, was born. K Cancer Baseball has 2 goals:
  1. Help local families who are battling childhood cancer
  2. Train and equip the next generation of socially conscious leaders

There are no Pediatric Oncology facilities in the State-line area. This means that local families who are battling Childhood Cancer have to travel out of town for treatment. This creates a host of financial and logistical problems that make a bad situation worse, just because you live in the state-line! When a state-line family receives the news that they are facing a battle with childhood cancer, we are here to help!
We have provided everything from gas cards to vehicle repairs to lawn maintenance. Our message to families is that the state-line area knows how to take care of its own. Local businesses and concerned citizens provide the finances we need to pass along support. If we can’t provide the help you need, we will do our best to connect you to someone who can! As of today, we are supporting over 20 families through their childhood cancer journey. If you know someone within 45 minutes of Rockford who is battling childhood cancer, please point them to our resource page at https://kcancerbaseball.com/childhood-cancer-support/
How are we different from typical non-profits? Glad you asked!  Part two of our mission is unique. Four players from our original baseball team of 13 year old boys expressed an interest in business. They were provided training in general business concepts and were involved in everything from the creation of our business inception documents to regular board meetings where asset allocations and business focus are determined.
All too quickly, they turned into 17 year old young men who are getting ready to head off to college!  A decision was made to bring on a girls travel softball team 4 years younger than the guys.  The girls have gone through their business training and are getting ready to take the reins of the organization at the conclusion of this September’s iteration of our annual Go Gold Day event! Look for a re-branding event in the near future where K Cancer Softball is put front and center!
In a couple years as the girls close in on College, a younger boys baseball team will be brought on board and the process will be repeated. The Youth Board is not isolated to just players from our baseball and softball teams. We have members who are interested in learning and applying business concepts and are committed to our cause.

Youth Advisory Executive Board

Lucas Headshot
Lucas Domberg

Adrian Rapier

 Brock Headshot

Brock Ashens
Vice President

  Sean Headshot
Sean Hesano
 Vice President
 Logan Lyman
 Vice President

Board of Directors (Mentors)

Randal Rapier – Chairman
Dan Domberg – Secretary
Mitch Siergiej – Treasurer
Jerry Ashens – Director
Bill Collier – Director
Alejandra Cortes – Director

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