About us

At what age do you start feeling compassion for someone dealing with challenges you don’t face? When should you begin contributing to the community that gives so much to you? Are you ever too young to do something about the problems in your community instead of just complaining about them? We don’t think so!

K Cancer Baseball is a youth run 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation working to make a difference in the lives of state-line (WI/IL) families battling childhood cancer. We work to increase awareness to Childhood Cancer issues, assist established non profits that are doing great work in this area, and get in the trenches to provide direct assistance to those in need.

  • Next year roughly 16,000 families will find out that their child has cancer.
  • 2,000 of those kids will die of their cancer
  • 2/3 of the survivors will have life-long complications as a result of their treatment
  • Federal funding for childhood cancer research trials declines year over year

Let’s bring the issues closer to home.

  • Due to scale, our state-line area has no anchor Pediatric Oncology Facility
  • Our families have to travel out of the area for the specialized treatment they need

When you find out your child has cancer, you immediately feel “cut off” from society. The constant travel out of the area further isolates you from your neighbors. The added costs for gas, food, and lodging make a bad situation even worse. State-line, we have a problem!

This isn’t Swedish American Health Systems problem. It’s not Rockford Health System or Saint Anthony Medical Center or Beloit Health Systems problem. It’s our problem!

Youth Advisory Executive Board

Lucas Headshot

Lucas Domberg


Adrian Headshot

Adrian Rapier


 Brock Headshot

Brock Ashens

Vice President

  Sean Headshot
Sean Hesano
 Vice President
 Logan Lyman
 Vice President

Board of Directors (Mentors)

Randal Rapier – Chairman 

Dan Domberg – Secretary

Mitch Siergiej – Treasurer 

Jerry Ashens – Director 

Bill Collier – Director

Candy Henry – Director 

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